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Joe Forever

There are certain events in one's life that one must return to their neglected blog. Death. Marriage. Babies. And of course, New Kids on the Block concerts.

Don't freak out folks- we're talking of the later one in this scenario.

I just got back from the NKOTB concert. I just screamed myself hoarse. It's 12:01- a late night for me on a "school night", and I can't sleep. I'm all twittering and twitchy with the joy I remember back from when I was 11 or 12 and saw the New Kids for the first time. I loved them.

I loved the New Kids. LOVED THEM. (Somewhere on my old diaryland site, which is linked over in the "my website" link- there's a entry entitled "Confessions of a Recovering NKOTB addict"- catch yourself up on the mania there.) It broke my heart to love something so desperately that was mocked by so many. I stored inane stats in the memory banks, I knew every song, backwards and forwards, and I lived, breathed and died for one Joey MacIntyre. (Whom I was going to marry and FRENCH KISS {being too young to really even fathom the concept of sex at that point].)

Eventually- I grew up, got old and kind of started to laugh at the former me who was for a small glimpse in time, caught up in a mania of my generation. We'd throw on the NKOTB to laugh and joke about my lameness and generally I got over NKOTB, but still look back on those moments fondly.

When my friend told me I had a ticket with my name on it for the reunion concert I had mixed feelings. I saw the New Kids in my NKOTB ultimate mania days- they were awesome because I was blinded by love. Everything they did was perfect and awsome and mind blowing. And the less they wore their shirts the better. I wasn't so sure the New Kids could be awesome now that they were essentially a joke. But, never one to let go of a nostalgia, I went.

And it was awesome.

There were some very distinct differences from my "then and now" experiences. For example, this time I watched the concert, quite close in the Shlumberger company box drinking Coors Lite and screaming my ass off. Then, I had the farthest seats in human recorded history (they were mere specs without the binoculars) and my mother, who chaperoned, kept yelling at me to sit down and stop screaming like a maniac. Now I look at Jordan and I am amazed at how cheesy one person can be. Then I looked at Jordan as if he were a demi god, only eclipsed by Joe. When he first came out the former Jordan lovers were flush with their screams and adoration... and then the jumbo tron focused in on his face and you could see a million Jordan crushes end in that one moment. (It probably didn't help that he did a cheeseball song and had the open shirt billowing to reveal his naked chest- in that moment, I was embarressed FOR him. PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON JORDAN!) Then I would have ranked my love in the following order, Joe, Jordan, Jonathan, Donnie and in a very, distant last place, Danny, or Ape face as I called him. Now, it would be Joe (DAMN he aged well.... thank god!), Danny, (seriously!), Donnie (who is probably the best performer of the bunch), Jonathan, (who phoned in his entire performance, he could not have wanted to be there less) and Jordan who- well, I don't need to go into the Mozzerella he posesses. Then I stood, or at least when my mother would let me, during the entire concert and sang along to every song. Now, I stood during the fast songs, but needed the sit down during the slow ones and knew most of the songs... but there were some memory lapses. Then I could liste to Hangin' Tough forever, over and over on repeat. Now- I'm kind of re-digging their hit "Tonight". Fun song. At least they played all the classics- Hangin' Tough, Step By Step, Right Stuff, Please Don't Go Girl and of course I'll Be Loving You Forever, which I forgot until now that was supposed to be my wedding song, in my 11 year old mind.

I went in skeptical- ready to laugh and ready to mock. I left entertained and happy and giddy with "yay" feelings. Yeah- the music is borderline pop, and it's not great. Nor are the lyrics that great when every other verse is littered with "oooo girl"'s. But I'll say this- they were having fun. (And Jon was faking the fun...) There were lame dance moves, cheesy outfits, and of course, the token "everyone wears white and sings a slow song" moment. BUT -they were clearly having a blast, and they weren't taking themselves too seriously. They knew what they were and decided to just have fun with it.

I liken it to the "Ben Affleck" effect. Everyone hated Ben Affleck at the end of the "Bennifer", train wreck Jennifer Lopez stage. But then, after the breakup, and several months later, he went on Saturday night live, totally had fun, made 90000 jokes at his own expense and his fan base came back. He decided not to take it seriously. He went away and allowed us to miss him a little. New Kids got the hate because they were over done, over the top and there was no place for them to go but down. They must have been close to sell out here- and every single person in that building was ready to forgive and move past the hate.

Was it campy? Yes. Was it cheesy? Yes. Was it awesome? HELL YES.

Tonight I shall go to bed with happy dreams and warm fuzzy feelings, (that might be the beer), and rest easy in the knowledge that sometimes, you can go back to the way you were when you were young and naive-- just for a visit. It's not a place I'd want to stay in forever- but it was nice to remember.

For Posterity!

I just won the Australian Challenge in Tiger Wood's Golf! I'm so happy! AND... I got a hole in one in my third game! (You have to play four rounds in order to win!)

I love my wii.

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